As an impact scientist, I remain committed to applied research and resultant scholarship that has among its criteria for success a critical service component focused on sustainable and scalable outcomes.

Leveraging design-based and impact-based research methodologies, my work focuses the design and research of game-infused learning environments to help ALL learners thrive in a rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

All of my work, whether writing grants, advising students, managing research and design teams, or collaborating with teachers and interdisciplinary researchers, contributes to three interrelated goals:

  • evolving theoretical frameworks that acknowledge the inseparable relations of content and context, especially as related to learning;
  • designing learning environments in which these theoretical conjectures can be tested and refined and through which I can positively impact learners; and
  • developing methodological practices that will facilitate critical dialogue on the value and relevance of claims being made.

Through out this site, these distinctions are leveraged as they create lenses and organizational frames to aid the reader in navigating through the work. However, it is important to note that the power of the work is that throughout my career I have always minimized the distinctions among the components, and instead draw from and inform each of them in each project effort.

About Sasha A. Barab PhD

Sasha Barab is a Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, where he co-founded and serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Games and Impact.

Dr. Barab is an internationally recognized Learning Scientist who holds the Pinnacle West Chair of Education, and who has researched, designed, and published extensively on the challenges and opportunities of using games for impact.